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Review- Phoenix by Melissa Starr
Title: Phoenix (Phoenix Elite Book 1)
Pub. Date: May 27, 2012
Publisher: Fire & Ice Imprint of Melange Books LLC
Genre: YA/Fantasy/Romance
Format: eBook (Paperback 196 pages)
Source: Received from author in exchange for honest review
Rating: 4 out of 5


Elora Rae Gannon believes her life is over. On her sixteenth birthday she receives news that she is a mythical monster of hellish proportions and if that's not bad enough, she receives this information in the form of a letter from her dead mother who also informs her that she must become part of an elite secret society of others like herself or die. Sucky birthday, huh? And just when she thinks she's got it all figured out, her new-found family in the Elite forces her to break ties with her human BFF shortly before her BFF just up and vanishes. With her world in utter upheaval, Elora makes the move to a new school- Marlind Prep, with full intentions of finding out exactly what is going on behind the scenes and why her best friend has vanished- all while trying to figure out how to successfully make out with her boyfriend without sucking the very life out of him!


Phoenix is the House of Night series meets the movie Skulls with a Egyptian Mythology to round it out as a pretty awesome book. The author Ms. Starr takes you on a fantasy/mystery with the characters to discover what will happen. You find yourself wondering at times if being on the bad side is as bad as Elora and others make it sound. She does awesome job in writing a clean story that still appeals to older YA and Adults alike. Her writing is easy to follow yet complex in it's own way.
The story mainly follows Elora, a young girl who just turned 16 and is being raised by her widowed father. She belives her life to be perfect as it is even if it seems mundane. She has everything she wants, her BFF Chloe and her somewhat cool dad sam. As Elora points out 16 seems to be a special age because that is when everything seems to happen. For her this fact is also true. Her life changes the moment she reads a letter her now deceased mother left her. In it it states that she is speacial, she is a Phoenix Elite, like her mother was. This is a special group of individuals who seem to be the best looking and always have jobs or positions of higher power. Elora sees this as the worst news possible. She has always hated the Phoenixes, and she wants nothing to do with them. Her Best Friend now slowly separates herself from Elora. Part of it I believe is jealousy but another part I believe is that Chloe feels that maybe she won't fit into her new life. Compared to Elora and the other Phoenixes, Chloe feels she is a Plain Jane. The only plus to this change is that Elora has a new boyfriend, hottie and fellow Phoenix Ezra. As her world seems to crumble around her, she finds herself getting closer to Ezra. Things are put on hold when Chloe decides to poke around in the Phoenix business and finds herself missing. The police think that she has just ran away, Elora suspects foul play and believes that the Phoenixes have a hand in it. When she finds a envelope that Chloe left for her and the contents are a dagger, some hair and some notes, she doesn't know what to make of it. Once she reads the notes she realizes that the Phoenixes have lots of secrets and will do anything to protect them. Eventually the case come up cold and Elora struggles to move on, until at the very end she spots something near the bushes and she realizes that it hasn't ended, Chloe was just the beginning.
In this book the author uses different POV's to tell the story. So we get an opportunity to see more than just Elora's POV. This action helps us to learn about Chloe.. She has a story to tell. But I can't tell it because It'll give too much away and you'll need to read the book. :)
Ezra is a good character but I think that he is kinda wimpy though. I am all for a sensitive guy but I like one that is a little more alpha and I think that Elora needs that. She seems like the type to create wild schemes and she needs someone to tell her no. I think Ezra can be that person if he was a tad bit tougher.
I like Elora because she may do things without really thinking them through (the reason why she needs Ezra to tell her know) but she is not a whinny lead character. She is a strong character, who yes cries a time or two but otherwise is pretty much taking charge.
The group Phoenix Elite seems to be bad but oh so tempting to be a part of. They are everything that you want to be and more but it all comes with a price, a very high price. Most seem to be okay to pay it but Elora is not. She may be a Phoenix but she has morals and that is a contradiction according to them.
My overall thoughts are that I enjoyed this book and I can not wait until the next one comes out. I think that this is going to be a great series. I recommend this one for 13 years+.

Rating:  4****

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Melissa Starr, "Phoenix (Phoenix Elite)"
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